Made in the USA

Vertical Storage Carousels Made & Manufactured in the United States of America.

The Vertical Storage Group is proud to provide products that are Made in the USA.

This allows The Vertical Storage Group to provide our customers with:

· Unmatched lead-times (5-6 weeks)

· Unmatched service response times

· Extremely competitive pricing, etc.

Modula’s U.S. headquarters is in Lewiston, Maine covers over 102,
000 Ft.2 of production, engineering space, and houses a team of 50 people. In 2015, Modula committed an additional investment of almost $10 million in new manufacturing automation

Since August 2015, the state of the art factory produces Modula’s full line of products. This was a strategic move, as the company is the only one to offer the full range of products with the fastest deliveries in the market. In a few words, Modula is the only provider in the US to offer flexibility in its “quick production” program. Unlike competitors who can only expedite the machines they have in stock, Modula can supply the exact unit required for its clients’ operation with the entire range of sizes and models


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