Vertical Lifts for Manufacturing Storage

At Vertical Storage Group, we offer the most advanced, high density storage solutions for manufacturing storage and organization. With a variety of Modula automated storage and retrieval systems (ASRS), distributors and manufacturers storage reap the benefits of more accurate inventory management as well as more efficient material handling processes. Each of our vertical parts storage units have high density shelving in place that are designed to optimize space and improve warehouse management systems for manufacturers across industries. With an ASRS system from Vertical Storage Group, work spaces can recover up to 90% of floor space currently occupied by pallet rack and other industrial shelving.

Warehouse Storage Racks for Manufacturing Parts

Vertical Storage Group offers a wide variety of storage solutions for manufacturing parts. Our automated warehouse storage solutions can be customized to fit virtually any workspace. Regardless of size, weight or quantity of warehouse parts, a vertical storage lift can improve specificity and efficiency in warehouse inventory management.

Vertical Storage Group’s Modula Products are uniquely suited to meet the industrial storage needs of manufacturers. From increased high-density storage capacity to advanced warehouse management software, Modula has the answer to all your manufacturing storage needs, including:

Secure Industrial Storage for Manufacturers

Each manufacturing storage system is customized to fit the needs of the unique business, workspace, and products of each individual client. All vertical storage lifts are secured and password protected by advanced software that only allows access to authorized users. These advanced security measures ensure that all manufacturing parts are stored safely. Vertical storage lifts can also coordinate with an existing warehouse management systems to streamline storage and facility operations.

Modula’s warehouse management software is the ideal complement to an ASRS system,  pairing advanced spatial design with meticulous warehouse inventory management. With real-time tracking, you can be sure all manufacturing parts are tracked and secured offering notifications when supplies are moved or running low and need to be reordered. It’s time to elevate your manufacturing storage with a cutting-edge Modula ASRS system  from Vertical Storage Group.

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