Pharmaceutical Material Handling

Save space and automate your operations with Modula vertical storage solutions

Vertical Storage Group is proud to provide complete pharmaceutical storage solutions to our partners in the medical field. Our storage solutions are designed to save space and time, and help manage inventory. At Vertical Storage Group, we are dedicated to providing the best possible storage solutions to your pharmacy distributor. The units are also fully customizable, enabling you to store materials of almost any size while providing efficient material handling.

Vertical Storage Group helps you recover floor space in your pharmaceutical storage space with our Modula storage carousels. Modula storage carousels are built up, not out, which maximizes the utility of your work space. Vertical storage units have a dramatic effect on a storage space and material handling, freeing the area of clutter and creating a tidier and more versatile area for employees.

ASRS systems from Vertical Storage Group offer a range of features uniquely suited to meet the needs of the pharmaceutical industry including:

Our Modula storage units also save pharmacy distributors and manufactuers time. Modula storage carousels are completely automated storage picking machines. Employees can locate and retrieve goods with the click of a button, drastically improving the efficiency of material handling done during the pharmacy’s manufacturing processes. The goods-to-user principle has proven to be a very effective way to save time in a variety of warehouse and alternative storage circumstances, and Vertical Storage Group has optimized this concept for the unique storage challenges that pharmacy distributors face.

Benefits of Vertical Lifts for Pharmaceutical Storage

  • Reduce risks: Reducing foot traffic as employees retrieve materials from throughout the automated storage space makes your workplace safer. The Modula automated picking system is also designed to protect your pharmaceutical materials from any damage while in storage.
  • Increase security: Access to items is controlled via password only available to authorized operators. By having a password set, items accessed are able to be traced and limits can be set to monitor the flow of products.
  • Improve accuracy: With simple visual picking aids, operators are able to quickly and easily identify the items needed to be picked or replenished from the vertical storage carousel.
  • Boost inventory management: Each time a pharmaceutical supply is taken, operators are shown information on current stock levels. This is a valuable tool for managers, helping them easily manage material handling and track supplies.

To transform your pharmaceutical system and streamline your warehouse management system, choose the security and efficiency of an ASRS system from Vertical Storage Group. Our wide range of vertical storage lifts are uniquely suited to meet the specific demands of pharmaceutical storage to unparalleled control over material handling, inventory, security, tracking and more.

Learn how Biotec Services used vertical storage to save space and streamline their operation, all while meeting strict temperature requirements!

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