Vertical Lift Modules & Carousels

We offer a wide selection of automated storage and retrieval systems (ASRS systems) that are customizable into multiple configurations to best suit the unique needs of every workspace. Vertical lift modules automatically place and retrieve specific goods from defined storage locations, thus enhancing the efficiency, safety, and accuracy of workplace operations.

We carry only the most advanced, high-quality ASRS Systems from Modula, the leading manufacturer of vertical storage modules. To learn more about which automated storage and retrieval system is ideal for your space optimization needs, contact the professionals at Vertical Storage Group.

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Modula® Lift — Recover space, increase productivity.

Modula Vertical Lift Modules are the ideal solution to recover space on your shop-floor or distribution area, while improving the efficiency, speed and accuracy of your picking operations. 20 years of experience and continuous research have produced a highly technical product in which safety and design are the main focus.


• 154,500 lbs of gross unit load capacity
• 9,050 sq. ft. of traditional storage in only 150 sq. ft.



See more pictures, watch a video of the Lift in action, and read its specifications.


Modula® Sintes1 — Tailor made for small to medium-sized applications

The popular Sintes1 is an automated vertical lift module (VLM) designed specifically for small to medium sized applications. With its compact size, this vertical carousel is ideal for storing and picking items such as electronic components, pharmaceuticals and tools.


See more pictures, watch a video of the Sintes1 in action, and read its specifications.


Modula® OneTon — A perfect solution for heavier items.

This module is the answer to all of your storage needs for heavier items and materials in your facility. With its 2,200 lbs net payload per tray and complete personnel protection devices for operator safety, OneTon represents the leading edge of Modula VLM technology.


• Up to 2,200 lb. load capacity per tray
• With tray sizes up to 13.3 ft wide, units are able to meet nearly any application’s requirements.



See more pictures, watch a video of the OneTon in action, and read its specifications.


Modula® Cube — Horizontal storage for low-ceiling environments.

Modula Cube is an automated horizontal lift storage carousel, that is the ideal solution for high value items in low ceiling applications. In essence it acts much like a traditional vertical storage module, but we also have the ability to horizontally transfer trays between modules for a longer machine instead of only storing items vertically.



See more pictures, watch a video of the Cube in action, and read its specifications.


Modula® Diamond Phoenix — Horizontal Carousels for the order fulfillment industry.

Horizontal carousel picking systems are at the heart of advanced order fulfillment applications, benefiting a broad spectrum of world-class clients. Modula Diamond Phoenix carousels are the most durable in the industry, engineered for long-term reliability in even the heaviest applications and most severe duty cycles.


See more pictures, watch a video of the Diamond Phoenix in action, and read its specifications.


Modula® VC – Vertical Carousels for long-term reliability in 24/7 operations.

When you are working in confined or small spaces, Modula’s Vertical Carousel technology allows you to save needed floor space and to maximize your vertical space. It features low maintenance design, high carrier load capacity, and the ability to be configured to unique specifications including multiple operators, or a clean/cold room setting.


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