Modula Cube

Horizontal storage for low-ceiling environments

Modula Cube is an automated horizontal lift storage system, that is the ideal solution for high value items in low ceiling applications. It is composed of multiple horizontal modules alongside instead of atop one another. Between these modules, trays are transported horizontally to operators at the open access area. The Cube also features an intuitive color touchscreen console and interface for efficient picking and increased inventory control.

Modula Cube is available in two models – Cube and Cube+.


The classic horizontal module

  • 1-6 Modules
  • Unit Width: 115.35″
  • Unit Height: 107.50″
  • Net Tray Payload Capacity: 551 lbs / 250 kg


Same performance with a wider unit

  • 1-5 Modules
  • Unit Width: 140.94″
  • Unit Height: 107.50″
  • Net Tray Payload Capacity: 551 lbs / 250 kg

Modula Cube’s Unique Safety Features

  • Product height measurement light curtains for measuring incoming items.
  • Personal protection safety light curtains at the access opening area to prevent injury when trays are being delivered or returned.
  • Automatic doors or the access opening area.
  • The picking bay area features lighting to allow for easy viewing of items.

Available with

Modula WMS

wmsThe Warehouse Management Software combinable with Modula, or stand alone working designed to manage every storage solution.

Complete Modula Cube Specs

Unit heights 107.5″ (2,730 mm)
Tray widths 99.6″ (Cube) & 125.4″ (Cube+); (2,530 mm & 3,185 mm)
Tray depths 25.6″ (Cube) & 29.6″ (Cube+); (651 mm & 752 mm)
Net tray payload capacities 276 & 551 lbs. (125 & 250 kg.)
Net unit load capacity 109,128 lbs. (49,500 kg.)
Gross unit load capacity 127,868 lbs. (58,000 kg.)
Maximum height of stored materials 10.83″ (275 mm)
Throughput up to 60 trays / hr.
Operator interface color touchscreen console
Type of bays internal with single or dual tray exit delivery
Number of Bays up to 2, front or back
Minimal energy consumption 1.5 kW / 3.5 kW vertical axis motor
Number of modules from 1 to 6 / from 1 to 5
Unit depth (depending on modules nr) from 89.4″ to 546.0″ (2,270 mm to 13,870 mm) or from 101.2″ to 515.7″ (2,570 mm to 13,100 mm). Incremental 3.94″ (100 mm)
Unit width 115.4″ (Cube) & 140.9″ (Cube+); (2,930 mm & 3,580 mm)
Self-supporting galvanized steel structure

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