Vertical Shuttle Markets

We offer vertical shuttle vertical storage lifts to improve warehouse management systems across industries including:




Oil & Gas







Transform Your Workspace with Vertical Shuttle Storage

When it comes to transforming your storage and workspace, nothing compares to automated vertical storage lifts. At Vertical Storage Group, we offer a comprehensive variety of Modula vertical shuttle vertical lifts that are customized to meet the needs of a variety of industries and workplaces. From small parts to larger warehouse inventory, Vertical Storage Group has a vertical storage lift ideal for your storage needs.

In addition to helping recover up to 90% of floor space in a work area, our high density shelving vertical storage lifts open up endless opportunity to reorganize your supplies and improve the efficiency of your warehouse storage racks. Built for all varieties of workplaces, Modula offers a range of vertical storage lifts to help optimize high density shelving space.

All of our Modula vertical shuttle vertical storage lifts offer advanced ergonomic design to improve ease-of-use as well as security and inventory management.  Operators and technicians are saved the time spent looking for parts in conventional high density shelving units and never need to risk potential injury by climbing ladders or retrieving hard-to-reach materials. With a vertical storage lift from Vertical Storage Group, your products and supplies are only accessible to authorized operators and each warehouse storage racks tray’s movement and location are carefully tracked and recorded creating a more efficient warehouse management system.

Vertical Storage Group customizes each vertical shuttle warehouse storage racks to meet the unique industry of needs of each manufacturer, but the advantages of improved efficiency, security, and productivity are consistent throughout virtually every industry. Precise inventory management software tracks which items are moved, at what time and by whom- it even notifies operators when it is time to reorder certain parts or supplies. Inventory management just got that much simpler!

Learn more about how Modula vertical storage lifts can meet the storage needs of your industry! Contact your regional Vertical Storage Group representative today.