ASRS Agriculture

Vertical Storage for Agriculture Supplies

At Vertical Storage Group, we offer the most advanced, automated storage and retrieval systems for agriculture supplies and equipment. While heavy-duty harvesting and agricultural equipment can be challenge to store, Vertical Storage Group can find a Modula storage solution for even the most unwieldy agricultural supplies. With high-density storage spaces and advanced warehouse management software, our vertical lifts eliminate errors and help recover valuable floor space for an agricultural operation.

By removing the need for tall-shelving and manual inventory, our space saving storage racks are ideal for agricultural supply chain. From farms to processing plants and transportation operations, Vertical Storage Group offers an automated storage solution to improve overall material handling during harvesting season.

Our adjustable racking and vertical lift systems provide maximum storage space while taking up minimal floor space. Automated storage lifts for agricultural supplies have the capability of improving overall workplace productivity while decreasing on time it takes searching for supplies. Automated storage lifts provide storage organization for agricultural supplies when supplies and parts are coming in faster than they are being used.

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Benefits of Vertical Storage Racks for Agricultural Storage

Agricultural supplies and equipment can take up lots of usable warehouse space. A vertical storage lift can help eliminate wasted floor space and make it into usable floor space. Vertical lift systems rely on a console interface which enables the operator to easily locate available inventory. They also are designed to allow for optimal picking times which maximizes operator productivity by reducing walking time.

Automated storage racks and storage organization creates high-density shelving that has many benefits including:

  • Using less space to store more
  • Storage organization
  • Quicker retrieval times
  • Secured storage

Automated vertical storage lifts from Vertical Storage Group offer complete product organization and increased efficiency. Every agricultural supply storage unit has picking bays that are customized with different configurations depending on the needs of the specific storage area. All vertical storage lifts are secured and password protected by advanced software that only allows authorized users to access. Each storage tray is carefully monitored and tracked as it moves locations. Automated storage units also have the capability of coordinating with existing warehouse management systems to streamline agricultural storage and operations.

Vertical Storage Group’s high-density shelving storage for agricultural purposes are uniquely designed and suited to meet the storage needs of agricultural machinery and supplies. From increased high-density storage capacity to advanced software, an automated storage and retrieval system has the answer to all your manufacturing storage needs.

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