Warehouse Management Systems

Vertical Storage Group is proud to supply the most cutting-edge warehouse management systems to improve inventory management, material handling and workflow in warehouses in any industry. Our modular storage systems are designed to maximize the storage capabilities of your facility and to help your employees place and access materials as efficiently as possible. Our Modula Warehouse Management Software is a complete inventory management solution for all Modula ASRS systems, including Vertical Lift Modules, carousels, and more. Our warehouse management system also supplements traditional storage methods such as industrial pallet shelves and racking. Modula’s WMS software is the ideal complement to any Modula unit to increase space and improve utilization management. It even works as a stand-alone software tool for your warehouse!

Benefits of Modula Warehouse Management Systems

    • Control & Efficiency: Using your data to its fullest potential to improve and maximize the overall performance of your operation, by automating repetitive tasks and procedures and substantially reduce processes and paperwork.
    • Inventory Optimization: Our Warehouse Management Systems constantly search for optimal locations to further maximize space and optimize inventory in the best manner possible.
    • Ease of Use: Operating procedures are efficiently designed for an intuitive and easy-t0-use experience by even low-skill users.
    • Integrations to Your Host System: Modula Warehouse Management Systems easily integrate with your ERP or Host System (SAP, Oracle, Microsoft, etc) to provide a constant exchange of information between systems and Modula WMS.
    • Productivity Improvements: By optimizing order management, Modula’s Warehouse Management Systems allows users to increase spead of order execution for both picking and replenishment operations, all done with full item traceability.
    •  Configurability: Our warehouse management systems can easily adapt to existing corporate software systems and organizational needs. The result is minimal impact to current procedures and operations.

Choose from five different Modula warehouse management software packages, enjoy comprehensive support and services from Vertical Storage Group including software installation, staff training, warranty and support, integration with host management, and technical service whenever you need it.

The biggest advantage of a modular storage system from Vertical Storage Group is the efficiency with which you can run your warehouse. The two main operations that must go well for a warehouse to be successful are receiving product and distributing product, and modernizing your storage system improves the efficiency of both operations. Many warehouses attempt to modernize their storage operations by marrying traditional storage equipment with computer programs that are supposed to tell employees where specific products should be and track inventory. However, the problem with that strategy is that it still allows for the possibility of human error, and when that human error inevitably occurs, it is compounded by the fact that the program believes that everything is in the right place, leading to erroneous inventory lists and problems for employees in every facet of your operation. Modular storage systems from Vertical Storage Group come with inventory and tracking software designed specifically to match our storage equipment. The physical storage equipment and the software work perfectly together, ensuring that your storage facility will run smoothly and saving everyone in your organization a lot of time and trouble.

Vertical Storage Group is the premier provider of Modula’s warehouse management system and software. Get the most out of a Modula ASRS system or modernize your traditional warehouse storage system, with cutting-edge technology that will optimize, organize and track virtually every part of your inventory and distribution process. Our experienced professionals can help you choose the modular storage system for your facility, and offer any support and assistance along the way.

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