Modular Grocery Storage Systems

Vertical Storage Group’s modular storage systems are effective and useful for almost any industry, but large-scale grocery storage is perhaps the best fit for our revolutionary storage systems. As anyone that has worked in a grocery store or as a vendor can attest, the storage area is often an absolute disaster, with things out of place or in the way. Modular storage systems can completely modernize any grocer’s food storage procedures. Our ASRS systems also serve the needs of food packaging and distribution operations with our automated refrigerated storage units that maintain the cold chain for temperature sensitive food items. Vertical Storage Group can help you implement a storage system that will save time and space, prevent breakage, and provide consistent organization in an area that is often disorganized and short on space.

A modular storage system uses space much more efficiently than traditional storage systems, and space in your storage area is extremely valuable. Traditional storage equipment like simple racks and pallets can only be stacked so high before they are either a safety hazard or become impossible to access easily. Modular storage systems from Vertical Storage Group are only limited vertically by the roof of your storage area. This simple fact can unlock a lot of space in your facility that was previously wasted. Automated modular storage systems will also save your employees and vendors a lot of time, because they no longer have to manually place and remove food items from storage. Our state-of-the-art automated storage systems essentially act like vending machines, bringing requested items right to your associates. These systems are finely calibrated to gently place and retrieve items, preventing the high rates of breakage that are common in many food storage areas. Automated storage systems don’t slip, get distracted by a coworker, or lose their grip on expensive items. This eliminates the need for employees to waste time waiting or searching for equipment to help them access items that are out of reach, and generally maximizes the efficiency of your storage area.

Modular storage systems can provide consistent organization to any storage area. You can assign vendors specific spaces within the storage system, and regulate their access to the storage with passwords. This system prevents vendors from using more space than they are authorized to, which is a primary cause of dysfunction in traditional storage systems. You will also be able to get vendors in and out of your storage space more quickly, which allows your employees the access they need to keep your business running smoothly.

Vertical Storage Group is the premier provider of modern storage solutions to the food storage industry. Our experienced professionals can help you choose the modular storage system for your facility. We are proud to help you make your storage system more efficient and organized. Contact Vertical Storage Group today to start your storage modernization project!

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