Operations & Maintenance

Vertical Lifts for Operations & Maintenance

Vertical Storage Group’s advanced automated storage and retrieval systems work to optimize logistics for operations and maintenance workspaces in virtually any industry. With designed with a focus on ergonomic and efficiency, our Modula Vertical Lifts offer the precision, security and accuracy needed to completely revolutionize operation and maintenance storage and inventory.

With a vertical arrangement of trays that can be customized to store any size of material, our vertical lifts can automatically deliver specific trays with stored items directly to a worker or operations manager. With the click of a button, the exact parts, products or materials you need will be at your fingertips with the wasted time and hazards of ladders, forklifts or tall shelving. With a wide variety of Modula automated storage and retrieval systems (ASRS) to choose from, Vertical Storage Group can help you recover up to 90% of your currently occupied floor space.

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For operations and maintenance fields, efficiency and turnaround time is a critical to ensure that everything is up and running again as quickly as possible. Our vertical lifts reduce downtime spent on searching for stored materials or conducting inventory because your most critical part and products can all be tracked automatically, eliminating the potential for human error. If you’re running low on a specific part, our warehouse inventory software can even send you an automatic message to alert you when it is time to reorder or replenish your supply. Bring your maintenance and operations workflow to the next level with the advanced organization and intel of a Modula Vertical Storage System.

Elevate your operations and maintenance logistics with an ASRS system from Vertical Storage Group!