Administrative and Document Storage

Vertical Storage Group is proudly offers secure, space-saving document storage for a variety of businesses, offices, as well as local, state, and federal government offices. Our ASRS systems from Modula provide modern solutions to administrative and document storage issues that plague offices and organizations across a wide breadth of industries. Our modular storage systems are designed to ensure accurate filing, save significant space in your organizational work space, and keep valuable items safe and secure. Almost all offices and administrative face challenges with proper organization and storage of important materials. Whether you’re struggling with the limited floor space, under staffing, protecting your materials from dust, or keeping diverse stored materials organized and secure, our ASRS systems can help tackle even the worst office storage headaches. If you work in a government office or administration in which losing or misplacing a critical document is simply not an option, save yourself time, headaches, and hassle by letting a Modula automated storage system do the work for you.

Accurate filing is a priority for any organization that is keeping track of a lot of physical documents, and proper security and easy accessibility is of the ultimate importance to government administrations. Everyone knows the frustration of searching through a large filing cabinet, or multiple large filing cabinets, for a specific document that was filed incorrectly. Our automated modular storage systems prevent this waste of time by removing the human element from the filing process, eliminating the possibility of an error. The system essentially acts as a vending machine for documents and other stored items, eliminating the possibility of misplacing something important.

Our modular storage systems can also dramatically improve the landscape of your administrative environment. Traditional storage equipment like filing cabinets or storage racks can only be stacked so high before they are either a safety hazard or become impossible to access easily. Modular storage systems from Vertical Storage Group are only limited vertically by the roof of your storage area. This simple fact can unlock a lot of space in your facility that was previously wasted. Our document storage systems can help recover up to 90% of floor space in a work area. This allows you more space for your employees or for other business operations. Our advanced administrative and office storage solutions can increase staff productivity, reduce misfilings, and offer enhanced security for your inventoried items.

Finally, modular storage systems provide an additional security measure to help you protect valuable items and information. Traditional storage systems often have no built-in security measures, or have measures that are easily bypassed. A modular storage system from VSG, however, requires password authorization to access anything in storage. This prevents theft or unauthorized access, as well as creating a clear data trail indicating who has accessed your storage system.

Vertical Storage Group is the premier provider of modern storage solutions to the warehouse storage industry. Our experienced professionals can help you choose the modular storage system for your facility. We are proud to help you make your storage system more efficient and organized. Contact Vertical Storage Group today to start your warehouse modernization project!